Projekt dofinansowany z unii

Proprietary technology for the production of composite, composite-steel and steel stamping dies allows us to implement the design of any stamped element with total sales starting from as low as several hundred pieces lifetime.

Our composites (resins), thanks to a mixture of fillers that are the company’s secret, achieve several times better strength and hardness parameters than any product available from specialized suppliers.

It takes us 10 to 12 weeks to construct a typical composite or composite-steel tooling. Every 11 days we start a new project.

Our technology allows us to reproduce any body element, even one removed from a car. This is especially important in the vintage car market, where good quality designs are sometimes unavailable.

When making steel tools, when the expected production series is to include tens of thousands of pieces, we can also rely on digital models.

With appropriate preparation in the tool design stage, it is possible to produce steel and aluminum elements using the same tools.