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Our company makes complete car body parts made of cold-rolled or galvanized steel, as well as aluminum sheets. We produce large items such as fenders, bonnets, etc.., but also small reperatur panels.

Our warehouse of stamping dies exceeded 600 active items by November 2013. Most of them are run under the exclusivity agreements. We have facilities for phosphating and powder coating products. This gives them an excellent long-term corrosion resistance.

Since year 2005, we increased our commitment in production of classic car parts. Thanks to our advantage in both technology and quality, we outclass the competition in this particular market. The quality of our products is recognized even by very demanding markets, such as classic Mercedes or Porsche parts markets. Not only is this our pride, but also a focus of our daily efforts.


We have our own production technology of making composite-steel stamping dies. This gives us the possibility of running profitable production of any item with few hundreds of pieces. Lifetime of our dies without any loss of quality parameters reaches 40,000 pieces. Every die we make can be completely regenerated.

The construction of a typical die takes us 10-12 weeks. Our technology allows us to reproduce any car body part, even dismantled from the car. It's particularly important in the classic car market, where quality samples are often not available.

With adequate preparation starting from the design stage of the die, we can produce both steel and aluminum parts using the same tools.

Our company

Our company produces car body parts since 1989. First stamping began on 6. June – during our country's first democratic elections.

In the mid-nineties, we participated in the construction of the car, "GEPARD". Most of the stamping tools and the necessary elements needed to make aluminum body were created in our factory. For reasons independent of us the car has not entered mass production, but the project has enabled us to gather experience in the production of aluminum parts.

After year 2000, we have managed to overcome the barrier to the development of stamping tools technology. As there were no composites of sufficient strength to our growing needs of quality on the market, we have started a program to create our own, stronger and more durable materials. Currently, we build our press tools with composites made in our company. With a blend of fillers, that are our company secret, we achieve several times better strength parameters than any other product available from specialist suppliers.


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